Flexible engagement models for custom made solutions

We understand that all the projects have different requirements and thus we offer them best engagement model according to project nature and requirements.

We offers various engagement models that are tailored to business as well as organizational needs. By choosing the suitable models or their combinations, clients can enjoy a multitude of benefits. Share you requirement with our team so they can help you to choose best suitable business model for you.

Fixed price model

The Fixed Price Model offers clients a low-risk option and can be applied when the project scope and specifications are fairly clear. In fixed price model you have to pay a decided amount or fixed price for the final product.

Under the Fixed Price Model, your project requirements, specifications and schedules can be clearly defined before the start of the development that lowers the risk for you. The benefit of a fixed price model is that it requires minimum supervision from your side.

All the aspects of the development process, project management, quality analysis and assurance will be taken care by us. This model is considered as one of the most effective models when it comes to cut down on your costs and develop an app or web within budget. Even, the timeline of the project is fixed, so the project has to be completed within the decided time limit.

Advantages with this model :

  • Fixed time frames
  • Well-defined specification
  • Low Risk
  • No room for changes
  • Guaranteed results
  • Ideal for SMBs and Entrepreneurs

Time and Material model

We would suggests Time & Material Model when the scope, specification and plans of a project cannot be defined easily at the outset.

You can hire an expert on the number of working hours that your project requires. In this engagement model, you can directly communicate with the hired expert and explain your requirements. The major advantage of time and material model is that it allows you the freedom to make changes to your requirements more freely than the fixed price model.

The expert will work under your guidance and perform changes/fixes according to your project requirements. Under this model, the total cost is directly proportional to the time and resource involved in delivering the project.

Advantages with this model :

  • Flexibility
  • Unclear requirements
  • Inconsistent workflow
  • Transparency & collaboration
  • Pay only for the work done

hire dedicated team model

We can provide a highly expert team of professionals, Infrastructure and necessary facilities as per client’s business requirements. By choosing dedicated hire resource model client can save much of cost on their project development.

Under this model, you can hire an entire team. You just need to communicate with the project manager, regarding your project requirements, and he/she will handle the entire team and take care of the project. In short, the main purpose of this model is to hire a dedicated team, who will seamlessly work as your own.

For this model, you only have to pay a fixed monthly fee for each resource you use or hire. You are allowed to choose the best and skilled resources.

Advantages with this model :

  • High level of flexibility
  • Accountability and transparency
  • High cost
  • Greater involvement level
  • Expert team for your project management

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