Do you seek a distinct website that will make your business stand out among your competitors? You definitely need a custom website that is specifically designed to meet your business goals and requirements.

At Awaiken technology, our team of reputable developers is always available to receive your request and act on it accordingly. Our full-stack developers don’t need any template or pre-defined limits to have your website designed. They are strictly guided by your goals and the requirements your business seeks to make it strive and find a special place in the heart of your potential and existing clients. Upon receiving your business requirements, we go to the drawing board to draft out good ideas and employ our inspirational mind to create a custom website that truly meets your needs.

With the help of our capable custom website developers, we have built hundreds of lead generating websites for business since Awaken Technology began its operation in 2012. Over the years, our team of developers has come to understand that for a website to generate leads, then it should be able to attract your clients’ attention, quickly show them what you have to offer. That is what we are here to help you achieve

We have customized website for businesses that cut across many industries and they all gave their testimonies that it was just the right website for their business.

Our experienced custom website developers are ready to build a site that tells your story, attract leads and rank your website.

Custom Website Design

  • Beautiful & Attractive Design.
  • Good, Relevant Headlines With A Clear Meaning
  • Highlight Products or services.
  • Great Images And Videos That Are Relevant To Your Business Or Company
  • Tappable Icons
  • Unique layout
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Why Custom Website Design Service From Awaiken

Tailor your website to fit your unique needs. Here are just some of the benefits
you will get by choosing us as your custom web design company

High Definition Display

Your custom website will be built with high-quality display across all screen sizes to attract your clients and keep them surfing through the site.

Suitable Call To Action

Your custom website will be embedded with a suitable call to action button that attracts your visitors to click on and perform some specified action that will increase your sales and conversion rate.

Proper Menu & Navigation

The menu and navigation bar will be arranged in such a way that it will be devoid of unorganized elements that can piss your clients off.

Reliable Service

Awaiken technology is a reputable developing firm with teams of experts that has handled hundreds of custom web design projects. We have the capable hands that will your website stand out.

Planned Architecture

We don’t just design without a plan. Upon receiving your request, we will mount our drawing board and craft out a suitable custom design for your business.

Unique Design

You will be offered a unique website that meets your goal and business requirements to give it a personalized uniqueness.

Sales Oriented Landing Page

Landing page with a personalized and captivating design that generate lead and increase sales.

Professional Support

Professional support service that promptly addresses your need and provides answers to your questions.

Drag & Drop Page Builder

This will help you to create your preferred customized page with little or no technical knowledge. Just select the module you want to add, edit it. Drag and drop to rearrange the elements on your page to your satisfaction.

Dynamic Everything

A WordPress site with maximum flexibility that you can dynamically edit your website content (text, images) with just a few clicks.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Our team of outstanding developers will deliver a WordPress site that is mobile friendly and fit for display on all screen sizes.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a reputable company with highly experienced team members that are readily available to give you the best. If customer will not satisfied with our work they will get 100% refund

Money Back Guarantee

We are good at what we do; be rest assured you will get the best. However, if at any point in time you are not satisfied with the delivery, you can ask for a refund.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Your project details are vital to us and it will remain confidential. We never claim any rights to your designs or other details.

Select engagement models of your choice

We understand that each project demands a different method of engagement and that’s why we provide our clients with the below engagement models.

How we work?

1 Submit your Request

Give us detailed information about your custom website. A neatly detailed and documented specification is surely a good foundation to start your project on. Do you have a sample website? Do let us know.

2 Discuss & clear up details

The web is now a competitive ground. Let us have a detailed discussion on the personality of your custom website including the best features that will make it stand out.

3 Wire frame

We mount our drawing board to draft out a structural design with a hierarchy flow which will act as the foundation for the structural layout and the functionality of your custom website before we begin the UI design.

4 UI Design

We employ our wire frame to design a distinct user interface with the combination of homogeneous design, graphics, and colors that makes your website stand out.

5 UI Development

Your custom website will be transferred to a professional UI developer to create an outstanding user interface to enhance your website appearance, interactivity and security capabilities.

6 Web Development

At this stage, your custom website will be handled by our full stack developers to bring the design files to life by adding PHP and other important programming languages.

7 Testing & Debugging

Your custom website will undergo several debugging processes using standard software testing life cycle to ensure it doesn’t have any glitch whatsoever. We will also send a preview of the website for assessment and correction.

Delivery & Support

After receiving your suggestions, we will act on them accordingly and have the raw files of your fully functional website delivered to you. Our support team is always available to guide you through and provide an answer to your questions.


Continuous maintenance service for a hassle-free website and perfect user experience.

Trusted by thousands of businesses owner

Thousand of business owner choose our expert team of developer and designer for their corporate website development


Jaydeep and team are one-in-a-million with a strong attention to his customer's needs. I highly recommend him.

- Ben Zimmerman

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the question you may have before getting started
to work on your project.

Will you sign NDS?

Sure. Send it along.

Will you publish my project on your site?

We will never publish anything without your prior permission. Everything between us is kept in complete confidence.

Do you have claim any rights if the final markup?

You bought it, you own it. We do not claim any rights on your design or mockup.

Do you work over weekends?

We need rest but in the case of an urgent project we can discuss and overcome the craziest deadlines.

Do you offer revisions?

We offer revisions untill your satisfaction. Bug fixes and minor tweaks are always free. Additional features implement and sizable changes will be quoted separately.

Do you offer after sale support?

Sure. Just sent us message at whenever you need our assistance. Even after couple of month.after project completion.

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