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Awaiken is well-known name in Laravel Development company globally. We have a team of laravel developer who provide you custom solution for your problem. Also Laravel expert will help for custom software development.

Proficient Developers

Assured Replacement

100% Hand Coded

Quality Guaranteed

100% Transparency

Effective Communication

Laravel is highly reated PHP framework because of it’s MVC structure. Laravel is best suitable to develop dynamic websites. We offer to hire best laravel developer full-time, weekly or ad hoc task. Hire Dedicated Laravel Experts from India and get direct access with the developer like your team member. Developer will be available in your time zone upon your request.

If you want to develop your own product in laravel and looking for highly experience and dedicated team. We offer laravel developer team to hire for your custom software development. We will happy to sign NDA to keep your Ideas, Artwork and other work secure. You will own code for the project we will delivered all the coding file to your once project is finish.

Our laravel programmer is able to work on any idustry project no matter how complex or big the project. Are struglling with other company for your problem and looking for new company to find solution on your project. Just post us an issue our expert will be back to you with best and reliable solution on your problem.

Our developer will share approach and solution for your problem with you before started to work on your task or project.

Reason to hire resources from Awaiken

Highest quality standards

Faster Turnaround Time

Source Code Authorization

Direct Communication with team or developers via Email, chat or skype

Non Disclosure Agreement

Quick & Easy Onboarding

Cancel any time

No setup fee or hidden charges

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Our Laravel development service includes

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable
content of a page when looking at its layout.

Laravel website development

Hire skilled Laravel web expert to build flexible web apps for robust performance.

Laravel website maintenance & support

Laravel Web application developer for 24/7 support and maintenance services to keep your website bug free and best user experience.

Laravel based eCommerce development

Hire Laravel developer to developing a highly secure and best performance eCommerce store in Laravel framework.

Custom Laravel based portal development

Highly expert team for Custom software development in Laravel framework.

Enterprise web app development

With a sound knowledge of Laravel framework , Our Laravel developers specialize in creating enterprise level custom solutions.

Rest API development & integrations

Laravel is RESTful friendly that is it makes easy to implement a RESTful API. A Web API is like a web service which works completely on HTTP.

Laravel based CMS development

Create custom CMS on Laravel framework for code reusable and increase productivity.

Select engagement models of your choice

We understand that each project demands a different method of engagement and that’s why we provide our clients with the below engagement models.

Fixed Price Model

– Fixed time frames
– Well-defined specification
– Low Risk
– Quick start
– Guaranteed results
– Ideal for SMBs and Entrepreneurs

Time & Material Model

– Low risk
– High flexibility
– Quick start
– Transparency & collaboration
– Pay only for the work done

Dedicated Team Model

– Low cost
– Highest control
– Highest quality
– Long term commitment
– High level of flexibility
– Expert Developer

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Our easy and quick hiring process

Project Requirement & Discussion

Define Technology stack

Get Developer CVs

Schedule Technical Interview

Engagement Model Selections

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Project Requirement & Discussion

Define Technology stack

Get Developer CVs

Schedule Technical Interview

Engagement Model Selections

Sign Contract & Get Started

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the question you may have before
hire our resources

Can I hire your developers to build my own team?

Yes! With our various hiring models, you can choose the developer that’s the best fit for your requirements. You can hire them full-time/part-time/hourly basis and personally handle them as per your style of working.

What if I am not satisfied with the developer's work?

In the unlikely case that you are not satisfied with one of our developers, we will replace them with someone else from our development team and you can thoroughly interview them before confirming.

Will the hired developer give my project 100% of their time?

The developers you hire from us will complicatedly work on your project, just like your employees. You will have total access to them as per your preferred communication channel and time zone.

How can I keep in touch with my dedicated developer?

You will have direct access to your choosen developer through whichever convenient platform suits you; such as Skype, instant messenger, e-mail, phone, etc.

What is your team hierarchy system for the project?

For each project, we design a specific team headed by the project manager. The project manager is responsible for coordinating with the client and directing the team members about how to carry out various tasks while pursuing with the project. The project manager is also responsible for leading the QA team to ensure flawlessness in the developed software,web or app solutions.

Who will test if I hire only developer?

When you hire a developer from our team, we ensure that we provide you a flawless,optimally performing and bug free solution, and that’s why, we carry out the software or app testing at our end.

Does team work more than 8 hours in case if required?

Ideally, we work 8 hours a day only, but in case if project scope and timeline is critical, we can work for more than 8 hours. Mostly, we have weekly work schedules so ideally things are managed by the client and we prefer to complete our work on time. But yes, if needed than answer is, Yes.

I want to see your office, is that possible?

Yes, anytime. If you want to see the live office environment, our Director can have a video call to show you the live work environment of Awaiken.

Do you offer detailed reports which explain that what I am paying for?

Yes, we do. Typically, we follow agile methodologies & we always send daily/weekly reports to our clients to update about the progress of the project.

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