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Every step of our Web & Mobile app development project is strategized with the aim to provide maximum value to the end users.

Being transparent with client, innovative and flexible in our approach we endeavor to benefit our customers with the
versatility of choosing the proper solution best suit their needs.

Send us your requirement

We kickstart your project by requesting for details of the project you want us to execute for you. Give us detailed information about your project. A neatly detailed and documented specification is surely a good foundation to start your project on.

Do you have any project in mind that you want professional programmers to handle for you? Or you have a sample website that you would like a full stack programmer to create for your business? Simply send us your request and a member of our team will get across to you as soon as possible.

Discuss & clear up details

A short interview will be conducted by an expert to have full knowledge of what you want. The web is now a competitive ground. Let us have a detailed discussion on the personality of your custom website including the best features that will make it stand out.

Afterward, your details will be discussed extensively among our team of brilliant and knowledgeable mind. They will conduct intensive research about your request and won’t hesitate to ask you questions if need be.

Once the research has been completed, our professional developers will come up with a plan on how to perfectly execute your project to meet your requirement.


We mount our drawing board to draft out a structural design with a hierarchy flow which will act as the foundation for the structural layout and the functionality of your custom website before we begin the UI design.

A wireframe is synonymous to a blueprint. It acts as a template that carries what your website layout will look like; where buttons, menu, image, and logos will be situated. We will share a screenshot of the wireframe with you for assessment before we move to the next stage.

UI design

We employ our wireframe once you approve it to design a distinct user interface with the combination of homogenous design, graphics, and colors that makes your website stand out.

The is the stage where the wireframe will be converted to designs that will appear on the site. We will make available for you different options to choose from to suit your business. We want to nail the mind of your visitors with an amazing design that perfectly speaks about your business.

Once we are done with the UI design, we will upload it on “DEMO URL” to give you a preview.

Ui Development

Your custom website will be transferred to a professional UI developer to create an outstanding user interface to enhance your website appearance, interactivity and security capabilities.

At this stage, we will ensure that your website is highly responsive. The website will display perfectly on all screen sizes without losing its quality and design layout. Your button becomes clickable and the images become optimized so as to have a faster page load time.

Website development codnig

At this stage, your custom website will be handled by our full stack developers to bring the design files to life by adding PHP and other important programming languages.

At this phase, your website will be made up of the front end and back end to have a fully functioning website. This is where your static HTML template will be converted to a functioning website that can be easily managed.

After completing this stage, we will upload it on “DEMO URL” to for you to asses it and leave feedback.

Testing and Debugging

Your custom website will undergo several debugging processes using standard software testing life cycle to ensure it doesn’t have any glitch whatsoever. We will test the development stage, responsiveness and loading time using online tools to ensure your website is free from bugs

Our professional developer will ensure they check for browser compatibility. We will include some jQuery and Ajax to enhance the functionality of your website according to your requirements.

We will also send a preview of the website for assessment and correction.

Delivery / Go live / Support

After receiving your suggestions, we will act on them accordingly and have the raw files of your fully functional website delivered to you. Our support team is always available to guide you through and provide an answer to your questions.

We will also provide you with instructional materials on how you can take manage your website effectively. We know that it might be tedious for you to manage your website especially if you have little or no knowledge about website development; that is why we have a professional support team that is readily available to guide you through

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